League Programme

This is essentially the heart of the bowls club with over 300 teams playing throughout the week. With a bowls format of Rinks [4 players], Triples and Pairs a friendly and competitive spirit is enjoyed by all. The Winter league program runs from October – April….. 10am Monday through to Friday evening with options to play in teams of open, men and lady teams. The Summer league program runs from May – August….. 10am Monday through to Wednesday evening with options to play in teams of open Triples and Rinks teams.  View League Fixtures here

Camberley operates a great system whereby new bowlers are encouraged into the league teams thereby ensuring that those who want to develop their game have the opportunity to do so.  Each team is ‘run’ by a ‘league captain’ who will schedule games for each player in the team at the start of the season, and usually distribute a playing schedule to each player.  Captains – you may download a sample playing scheduling sheet in PDF format by clicking HERE.  To download it in Microsoft Word format click HERE

A ”new bowler” fun drive on a Sunday evening is a great place to start, just turn up – you will be arranged into teams to play.

An active social scene wraps itself around the league programme when much discussion on those ‘what might have been’ moments naturally occur. Most of all its fun, social and competitive.

View this year’s League Tables HERE 

View previous years’ Final League Tables HERE