New to Bowls – ”give bowls a try”

It’s winter and time for indoor bowls!   Camberley & District IBC does a great job, providing an extensive range of ‘bowls benefits’ for members to enjoy. The League programme, Wide range of Club, County and National competitions, Fun Bowls Drives, Roll-ups and a great social scene all adds to a sense of ‘club well-being’ that is enjoyed by over 500 members.

Last years Club Championships’ produced some fine games and the Club Singles Champions were Sandra Jones and Paul Short.

Members make a club what it is and Camberley has created an environment where the ‘member benefit’ is substantial.

Indoor Bowls is a great sport and leisure activity, and also offers a great way to enhance and enjoy your social time. The club coaches provide an initial ‘taster day program’ helping to get people playing bowls and develop to league programme standard.  Without doubt this has been a cornerstone in membership increasing and the club is widely recognised as being very successful. If you would like to arrange a ‘taster bowls experience’ please call John Steer 01276 503068 or email

Always feel able to just ‘pop in’ and chat about what goes on.