Fixture List 2019-20

Day DateTimeV-F-DNotesDetails
Sun 23 SepWinter Season
Mon 23 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 9pm
Tue 24 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 9pm
Wed 25 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 9pm
Thu 26 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 9pm
Fri 27 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 9pm
Sat 28 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 2pm
Sun 29 SepClub Open for Pre Season Roll ups from 10am to 2pm
Mon 30 Sep10:00Leagues begin
Tue 01 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 02 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 05 Oct10:00H-6XR-GOpen Day
Sun 06 Oct10:00H-6XR-GOpen Day
Sun 06 Oct18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 08 Oct14:15H-6LT-WWhiteknights IBC
Wed 09 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 12 Oct10:00B-4LR-WYetton Trophy Prelim Rd
v Cambridge Park IBC
Won 79-74
Sat 12 Oct14:15H-6MR-WSLDonyngs IBC (Surrey League)
Won 155-97 pts 15-3
Sun 13 Oct10:30Surrey Heath Bowling AGM
Sun 13 Oct14:15H-6XR-WMilford BC
Sun 13 Oct18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 15 Oct14:15H-5LT-WRivermead IBC
Wed 16 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 19 Oct10:00B-4MR-WDenny Cup Rd 1
v King George Field IBC
Lost 77-93
Sat 19 Oct10:00B-4LR-WYetton Trophy Rd 1
v Egham IBC
Lost 21-73
Sat 19 Oct14:00A-6XR-WWey Valley IBC (WeyCam Cup)
Sun 20 Oct10:00H-5XX-WTop Club Rd 1
v Cambridge Park IBC
Won pts 16-0
Sun 20 Oct14:15H-6MR-WLondon Scottish BA
Sun 20 Oct18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 22 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 22 Oct14:30A-6LR-WWey Valley IBC
Wed 23 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 26 Oct14:00A-6MR-WSLSutton IBC (Surrey League)
Lost 103-131 pts 4-14
Sun 27 Oct10:00B-4XR-WEgham Trophy Rd 1
v Donyngs IBC
Won 78-46
Sun 27 Oct14:15H-6XR-WTongham BC
Sun 27 Oct18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 29 Oct14:15H-6LT-WNorth Hants WBA
Wed 30 Oct14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Fri 01 Nov10:00H-2LR-WMason Trophy Prelim Rd
Camberley A v Camberley B
Camberley A won 46-23
Sat 02 Nov10:00B-4MR-WDenny Plate Rd 1
v Mole Valley IBC
Won 87-66
Sat 02 Nov14:15H-6XR-WWindlesham BC
Tue 05 Nov10:00B-2MR-GOver 60 Double Rink Rd 1
Camberley A v Croydon IBC
Lost 36-37
Tue 05 Nov10:00B-2MR-GOver 60 Double Rink Rd 1
Camberley B v Mole Valley IBC
Won 50-16
Tue 05 Nov14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 06 Nov14:15H-6XR-WNorth West Surrey BA
Sat 09 Nov14:15A-6MR-WSLCroydon IBC (Surrey League)
Lost 115-119 pts 6-12
Sun 10 Nov10:00B-4XR-WEgham Trophy Rd 2
v Egham IBC
Lost 65-81
Sun 10 Nov14:15H-6XR-WThree Counties Bowls Fellowship
Sun 10 Nov18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 12 Nov14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 12 Nov14:30A-6LT-WWhiteknights IBC
Wed 13 Nov14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 16 Nov10:00B-4MR-WDenny Plate Rd 2
v Crystal Palace IBC
Won 92-69
Sat 16 Nov14:15H-6XR-WCove BC
Sun 17 Nov10:00A-5XX-WTop Club Rd 2
v Sutton IBC
Won 89-81 Pts 8-8
Sun 17 Nov14:15H-6XR-WMytchett BC
Sun 17 Nov18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Mon 18 NovA-1MR-GPBDL & SC Indoor Fours Rd 1
Croydon IBC A v Camberley A
Conceded to Croydon
Mon 18 NovA-1MR-GPBDL & SC Indoor Fours Rd 1
Wey Valley IBC v Camberley B
Lost 23-28
Mon 18 NovH-1MR-GPBDL & SC Indoor Fours Rd 1
Camberley C v Victory IBC B
conceded to Victory
Tue 19 Nov14:15H-6LR-WArun District IBC
Wed 20 Nov14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Fri 22 Nov10:00B-2LR-GMason Trophy Rd 1
Camberley (A) v Donyngs IBC (B)
Lost 23-50
Sat 23 Nov14:00A-3MR-WSLOld Coulsdon IBC (Surrey League)
Won 68-44 Pts 18-0
Sun 24 Nov14:00A-6MR-WSLWey Valley IBC (Surrey League)
Won 130-101 pts 13-5
Sun 24 Nov18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 26 Nov10:00B-2MR-GOver 60 Double Rink Rd 2
Camberley B v Wey Valley IBC A
Won 35-32
Tue 26 Nov14:15H-6LT-WWest Berks IBC
Wed 27 Nov14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 30 Nov14:15H-6XR-WWest End BC
Sun 01 Dec14:15H-6XR-WOakley BC
Sun 01 Dec18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 03 Dec14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 04 Dec14:15H-6XR-WDesborough IBC
Sat 07 Dec10:00B-4MR-WDenny Plate Rd 3
v Havering IBC
Lost 49-77
Sat 07 Dec14:15H-6MR-WSLWey Valley IBC (Surrey League)
Lost 110-119 Pts 4-14
Sun 08 Dec14:15H-6XT-WRivermead IBC
Sun 08 Dec18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 10 Dec10:00B-2MR-GOver 60 Double Rink Rd 3
Camberley B v Egham IBC
Lost 13-39
Tue 10 Dec14:15H-6XT-WChawton Park IBC (Cancelled by CP)
Tue 10 Dec14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 11 Dec14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Fri 13 Dec19:30Christmas Draw
Sat 14 Dec14:15H-6MR-WSLKing George Field IBC
(Surrey League)
Won 130-121 pts 12-6
Sun 15 Dec10:00A-5XX-WTop Club Rd 3
v Chigwell IBC
Lost pts 6 -10
Sun 15 Dec14:00A-6XR-WLoddon Vale IBC (Cancelled by CIBC)
Sun 15 Dec18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 17 Dec14:15H-6MR-WSCIBA President
Wed 18 Dec14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sun 22 Dec18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 24 DecClub Closed for Christmas
until Thursday 2nd January
Sun 05 Jan14:15H-5XT-GFarnborough BC
Sun 05 Jan18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 07 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 08 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 11 Jan14:15H-6XR-WCamberley BC (Romans Cup)
Sun 12 Jan14:15H-6XR-WWey Valley IBC (WeyCam Cup)
Sun 12 Jan18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 14 Jan14:15H-6MR-WSCIBA Patrons
Tue 14 Jan14:15A-6LR-WEgham IBC
Wed 15 Jan14:15H-6XR-WNorth West Surrey BA
Sun 19 Jan14:15H-5XR-WWest Surrey BA
Sun 19 Jan18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 21 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 21 Jan14:30A-6LT-WWest Berks IBC
Wed 22 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 25 Jan19:00TBCBurns Night
Sun 26 Jan10:00H-6XR-GOpen Day
Sun 26 Jan14:15H-5XT-WMerrow Village BC
Sun 26 Jan18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 28 Jan14:15A-6LR-WArun District IBC
Tue 28 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 29 Jan14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 01 Feb14:15H-6MR-WSLCroydon IBC (Surrey League)
Won 136-94 pts 16-2
Sun 02 Feb14:00A-6MR-WSLKing George Field IBC
(Surrey League)
Lost 93-140 pts 2-16
Sun 02 Feb18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 04 Feb10:00B-2MR-GTBCOver 60 Double Rink Rd 5
Tue 04 Feb14:15H-6LR-WWey Valley IBC
Wed 05 Feb14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 08 Feb14:15H-6XR-WRoyal Household BC
Sun 09 Feb14:00A-3MR-WSLMole Valley IBC (Surrey League)
Lost 47-62 pts 4-14
Sun 09 Feb18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 11 Feb14:15H-6LT-WNorth Hants WBA
Wed 12 Feb14:15A-6XR-WDesborough IBC
Wed 12 Feb14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 15 Feb14:15H-6XR-WMayford Hall BC
Sun 16 Feb14:15H-6MR-WCountySCIBA Patrons v London Scottish BA
Sun 16 Feb14:30A-6XT-WRivermead IBC
Sun 16 Feb18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 18 Feb14:15H-4XR-WMole Valley IBC
Wed 19 Feb14:15H-6XR-WWest End BC
Sat 22 Feb14:15H-5XR-WWindlesham BC
Sun 23 Feb14:15H-6XR-WLoddon Vale IBC
Sun 23 Feb18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 25 Feb14:30A-5LT-WRivermead IBC
Tue 25 Feb14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 26 Feb14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 29 Feb14:15H-6MR-WSLEgham IBC
(Surrey League/Challenge Cup)
Won 126-104 pts 12-6
Sun 01 Mar14:15H-6XR-WWindsor Great Park BC
Sun 01 Mar18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 03 Mar10:00B-2MR-GTBCOver 60 Double Rink Quarter Final
Tue 03 Mar14:15A-6XT-WChawton Park IBC
Tue 03 Mar14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 04 Mar14:15H-6MR-WCountySCIBA v Dorset IBA
Sat 07 Mar14:15A-6MR-WSLEgham IBC
(Surrey League/Challenge Cup)
Sun 08 Mar14:15H-6XR-WKnaphill BC
Sun 08 Mar18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 10 Mar14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 14 Mar14:15H-6XR-WHawley BC
Sun 15 Mar14:15H-6MR-WLondon Scottish BA
v Aldershot & District BA
Sun 15 Mar18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 17 Mar14:15H-6LR-WEgham IBC (Challenge Cup)
Wed 18 Mar14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Sat 21 Mar10:00CountySurrey Combined Finals Day
(at Sutton IBC)
Sun 22 Mar10:00CountySurrey Combined Finals Day
(at King George Field IBC)
Sun 22 Mar18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 24 Mar14:15H-6LR-WSCWIBA Patrons
Wed 25 Mar14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Fri 27 Mar16:00N-2MR-WTBCOver 60 Double Rink Semi Final
(at Nottingham IBC)
Sat 28 Mar09:30N-2MR-WTBCOver 60 Double Rink Final
(at Nottingham IBC)
Sat 28 Mar14:15H-3MR-WSLMole Valley IBC (Surrey League)
Sat 28 Mar14:15H-3MR-WSLOld Coulsdon IBC (Surrey League)
Sun 29 Mar12:00Mothering Sunday
Sun 29 Mar14:15H-6MR-WSLSutton IBC (Surrey League)
Sun 29 Mar18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Mon 30 Mar18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Ladies and Mens Fours
Tue 31 Mar14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 31 Mar14:30A-4XR-WMole Valley IBC
Tue 31 Mar18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
2 Wood Pairs and
Mens Novice Singles
Wed 01 Apr14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 01 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Ladies and Mens Triples
Thu 02 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Mixed Fours
Fri 03 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
O/60 Singles and
Ladies Novice Singles
Sat 04 Apr14:00A-6MR-WSLDonyngs IBC (Surrey League)
Sun 05 Apr10:00Camberley and District IBC AGM
Sun 05 Apr14:00Club Competition Semi-Finals
Ladies and Mens Singles
Sun 05 Apr18:00H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Mon 06 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Mixed Pairs and Novice Pairs
Tue 07 Apr14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Tue 07 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Ladies and Mens Pairs
Wed 08 Apr14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 08 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Thu 09 Apr18:30Club Competition Semi-Finals
Fri 10 Apr10:00H-6XR-GEaster Tournament
Sat 11 Apr10:00Club Closed for Easter
until Tue 14 April
Tue 14 Apr14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Wed 15 Apr14:15H-4XR-GFun Bowls Drive
Fri 17 Apr18:30Club Competition Finals
Sat 18 Apr10:00Club Competition Finals
Sun 19 Apr10:00Club Competition Finals
Mon 20 AprEnd of Winter Season
Mon 11 MaySummer Season
Sat 23 May14:15A-6XR-WChawton Park IBC
Sat 11 Jul14:15A-6XT-WLoddon Vale IBC
Sat 25 Jul14:15H-6XT-WLoddon Vale IBC
Sat 01 Aug14:15H-6XR-WChawton Park IBC
Thu 20 AugEnd of Summer Season